Tony Allcock - 1st Round - June 2016

Tony Allcock Trophy 2016Braintree & Witham Times - June 2016

Tony Allcock - 1st Round

Braintree Bowling Club hosted their 1st Round Tony Allcock Bowls competition at Clare Road on Sunday against local rivals, Bocking Bowling Club.

This competition is made up of two teams of four from each club, comprising of two Ladies and two Men over the age of 60 in each team.  It is the combined scores of these two teams, after playing 21 ends that determines the winning Club.

Though local rivals, this particular match was played in a very sporting and convivial manner with both sides appreciating each other’s prowess on the rinks.  The whole match swung in the balance as both teams worked hard to better their opponents’ positive bowls into the head, which accounted for the early upsets as both teams seesawed with their shot tallies.

Early on, one of the Away side teams took the lead on their rink while on the other rink, the Home side increased their scoring shots, nullifying any true leading club.  This position carried on for the first 11 ends, when there was a reversal of fortunes on both rinks. 

The whole match then became a tale of two contrasting halves, as one of the Bocking rinks gradually drew level then surpassed their hosts, while the reverse was happening on the other rink.  This saw the total scores after 13 ends within a shot of one another, but then this became the turning point as Bocking tightened their game, increasing their final winning score on one rink to 11 shots while on the other, they kept the Braintree team to a winning score of 5 shots.  This meant that Bocking won the match by 6 shots.

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club