Braintree Club Competition Finals - September 2015

Braintree & Witham Times - September 2015

Braintree Club Competition Finals

Once again the outdoor bowling's season is now coming to its end, heralding the completion of internal club competitions for all its members.  This was such a matter at the weekend, when over a period of three days Braintree Bowling Club finalised their internal competitions.  These competitions brought together many experienced and competent bowls players within the club. Though, the natural elements were in favour of some good bowling, the drop in temperature saw many of the 30-40 spectators wrapped up in warmer clothing to combat the cold.

The club followers were not disappointed with the standard of skill shown by the participants as there were some very close games, although the score line does not always reflect the true run of the game.  Eleven matches were played over the three days with single games dominating most of the matches followed by pairs in which the Club's sponsor - Daniel Robinson - had an interest as the provider of one of the trophies. 

Lady Norvices McCormick Cup Finalists - Jean Baxter left Danielle Gibbons rightThe weekend started on Friday when, in the only game of the evening, the club's chairman, Andy Beatty, won the Veterans cup against an experienced opponent, Lyndon Hopkins. 

Saturday saw the completion of five other single games, plus two pairs matches.  Several senior players were matched together in these single matches, notably in the Hunnable Cup which was won by Josh Heffernan over Martin Law.  The Dyson Cup saw Donna Law beat Gill Costin in a very close game, then Gill Costin went on to beat Olive Hawkins in the Ladies Senior Cup.  

Both Novices Singles, Ladies and Gents were on the programme, with Danielle Gibbons taking the Ladies Novice trophy against Jean Baxter and Keith Hunter running out the winner against Carl Cheetham in the Gents Novices cup. 

Self Select Pairs Daniel Robinson Cup Finalists with Sponsors  Logo


The two pairs matches, which saw the club's sponsors (Daniel Robinson) Self-Select Pairs Cup going to Martin and Donna Law against worthy opponents Rob Doleman and Ian Rubens.  Next came Josh Heffernan's trophy win in the Open Pairs with partner Ian Norgett against Keith Rixon and Andy Beatty.

Sunday brought about some excellent competitive bowling with three single matches and one pairs.  The weather which was now much warmer and sunny, obviously brought out the best in all the competing bowlers, as there were few shots between any of the opposing players.  In the Nicholls/Taylor Two Woods - Martin Law beat Dave barker by one shot and in the Keith Hunt Open Handicap Dave Hunt took this match against John Gill by seven shots.  The third singles, the Club Open Singles, was between two progressive Essex County players - Josh Heffernan and James Ripley which saw Josh Heffernan claim his third victory of the weekend.  The Club Finals finished on a very high note when in the Loving Cup pairs, Gill Costin and Paul Costin held Donna Law and Martin Law to a 21 shot last end shoot out.  The final outcome was victory to the Laws who took the final end by one shot. 

Photos - Jean Baxter (left) and Danielle Gibbons (right).  With Sponsors Logo - Rob Doleman and Ian Rubens (left), Donna & Martin Law (right). 

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club