Paul Costin, President of EVPA - April 2015

Paul Costin-Vice PresidentBraintree & Witham Times - April 2015

Paul Costin - President of Essex Vice Presidents' Association

Many honours and recognition befall the playing members of all sport clubs, but little is noted of the unsung members and officials who help to oil the wheels of their club, regional and international organised sports.

All sports people owe a lot to these volunteers, who in many cases are paying their sport back for the years they possibly or still are playing an active part in, as a competitor.

Braintree Bowling Club has many behind the scene personnel who fall into this category.  The ladies who make sure players are catered for during and after matches, run raffles and play in many of the club's teams as well as league, County and International competitions.

Where would the club be without an excellent ground ranger and team, who year after year present the players with a pristine playing surface to execute their skills upon.

Recognition for one such Braintree Bowling Club member, the Deputy Chairperson, Paul Costin, has come in the form of his election this year to be President of the Essex Vice Presidents' Association (EVPA), a position he will hold for one year.

After joining the Association in 2010, Paul became Junior Deputy President in 2013 and the following year was elevated to the role of Senior Deputy President.

The Association draws it membership from Bowling Clubs, Outdoor and Indoor, across the whole of Essex, so all of the positions are for EVPA as a whole, not part of the County. 

The criteria for membership is a proven record of service to the sport of bowls.  Whether as an officer on the County Outdoor / Indoor Associations, an officer with another or County Group, an officer at club level, an umpire/coach.

Paul’s qualifications for such a position are as follows:

  1. A National Qualified Coach - having coached over 100 people, some have gone on to represent their County
  2. National Grade Umpire - having officiated at both Outdoor and Indoor National Finals.
  3. Essex County Secretary for the Umpires Association - involves organising and allocating umpires for games in Essex including County Finals.
  4. An Officer of the Essex County Indoor Bowling Association (ECIBA) as Competition Secretary.

He is still an active playing member for Braintree Bowling Club (Outdoors) and Colchester Bowling Club (Indoors). 

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club