Indoor Bowls, Braintree v Clacton - April 2016

Braintree v Clacton Indoor 2016 April
Braintree & Witham Times - April 2016

Braintree v Clacton, Indoor Bowls Match

Facing one of the Counties most successful Indoor Bowling Clubs, Clacton Indoor B.C., Braintree's outdoors players opened their pre-season warm-up with this annual match at Clacton.  Trying to come to terms with the speed and wide arching bias of the indoor greens, was to be the main priority for the visitors. Once self-confidence and awareness of the exceptional run of the bowls was conquered, the Braintree players began to get into their normal pattern of play and gradually clawed their way back to decrease the large shot deficit between the two teams.

As always, this really was more of a social outing and just a friendly warm up, complimented by the host teams benevolence and friendliness in putting on this annual event.

One consolation is that there is a return match outdoors at Braintree B.C. in August and traditionally the outdoor bowlers gain their revenge over the predominately indoor players.

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club