2015 Indoor Bowls-Clacton

Indoor Braintree v Clacton
Braintree v Clacton - March 2015

As a preview to the new outdoor season, commencing in mid- April, Braintree Bowling Club, whose 24 playing team members are predominately outdoor bowlers, took on, probably one of the strongest Indoor Bowling clubs in Essex, Clacton Indoor Bowling Club at Clacton in a friendly competition.

As well as the  longer serving Braintree  bowlers, this was a good experience for the newer members of the Braintree Club,   as the faster indoor  carpet bowling surface can prove to be a very challenging affair  to master, compared to the slower grass rinks outdoors, that the visiting players are used to.  

Clacton's teams, on five of the six rinks took early leads as the Braintree players gradually got used to the weight and line of the bowls on the quick resilient surface, to reach the jack.  Once the visitors had accustomed and corrected their bowling action the scores became more respectable, but still in the majority favour of the hosts.

With the friendly competitions played over 21 ends on all 6 rinks, Clacton Indoor bowlers won on 4 rinks against the valiant efforts of the outside bowlers from Braintree, taking the honours on the other two rinks.

The final all over score was Clacton 146 shots to Braintree's 83 shots.  The Braintree Winning Teams Players were:

Martin Law, Derek Hardy, Carl Cheetham and Brian Todd - Winning 22 shots to 15 shots

Gill Costin, Paul Bromley, Olive Hawkins and Peter Chesley - Winning 25 shots to 11 shots. 

The hospitality shown by the home team was much appreciated by the Braintree players who are hoping to take on Clacton in an outdoor friendly match later in the year.


Braintree v Clacton - July 2015

Braintree B C  and Clacton Indoor Bowlibg Club Triples MatchThough the end result was a victory to Braintree Bowling Club in this five rink triples friendly match, against one of the best Indoor Bowling Clubs in the County, Clacton I.B.C, it also proved to be a bittersweet moment as the match as a whole was played in a competitive but friendly atmosphere which was a credit to both club.

Braintree eventually came out on top, with a victorious score of 86 shots to 68 shots winning 4 rinks, drawing one and losing one in this triples friendly.  It was also a good experience to encourage the newer members to outdoor bowls which is much harder to cope with due to the naturally different grass texture playing surface than that of the faster consistent carpet covering of the indoor game.

Braintree B.C. over the past winters, had experience of playing indoors at Clacton, which usually resulted in Braintree being completely outplayed because of the lack of playing on such a fast surface. In this recent friendly, the tables were turned as most of the Clacton players found the slower surface a daunting experience leaving their shots well short of the jack.  Though it must be said, as the games progressed, they began to claw back the score line as they adjusted to this alien surface.

Hopefully, this will become an annual event on the Summer Bowling programme, which again will enable Indoor players and Outdoor players to show off their prowess on the different surfaces.