Club Competition Entry Criteria


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Our internal competitions give everyone a chance to hone their skills, regardless of experience or ability.

We have many and varied competitions as shown by the pictures of our past and current competition winners (see side panel).

If you're not sure which competitions to enter, see side panel for details of what the competitions are and who should enter.  If you're still not sure, why not submit your forms anyway and have a go .... you never know!!


Scoring For Handicap Competitions

For anyone who has not played in handicap competitions previously, here are a couple of examples of how it works.

Example 1

Player A has a handicap of 5, while player B has a handicap of 2

52 = 3

This means that to win the match:

Player A must score 24 shots (21 + 3) before Player B scores 21

Example 2

Player A has a handicap of 3, while player B has a handicap of 8

8 3 = 5

In this example:

Player B must score 26 shots (21 + 5) before Player A scores 21